Friday, July 17, 2009

Thoughts meander like the endless rain on this lazy Friday.

I still call myself a blogger despite not having blogged so much in the past few months.
In these past few months, you see, I was quickly pushed into a new life I’m still just getting used to. I say pushed, but I made the first step. I was dragged along for the rest of it. Not complaining, just… observing. Quietly, probably with a cigarette, in one corner.
I found my niche, then seem to have lost it. I’m looking for it again now.
I’ve made new friends, and lost a few.
My heart was not saved, even; it was broken somewhere along the way. Now, my heart is still scarred, but healed for the most part.

Smiles and frowns and “Ah, whatever!”s made up the past few months of my absence in the blogging world. While I was gone in this world, I was busy making my mark (somewhat, I’d like to think) in the real one.

It probably didn’t work as well, or go as smoothly as I’d hoped, but I chalk it all up to experience. And I’m chalking up some more.


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