Saturday, January 2, 2010

The year is new.

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2010 is up. I wonder how this year will turn out this time.

2009 was, for many different reasons, both the best and the worst year of my life.

So many wonderful things have happened in the span of those 12 months. I met new people, gone places I’ve never been before, did things I’ve never done. So many new things, in fact, that I can’t even squeeze a summary into a blog entry lest this turn into a 100-page novela.

And yet, as the year went along, it seemed like how awesome this year was was directly proportionate to the shit it threw in my or my friends’ or our country’s way. Storms, blackouts, accidents, deaths, screwed-up policitcs and more storms.

It’s like the good went hand in hand with the bad.

I know it’s only symbolic, the passage of an old year to the new, but new year’s to me has always been like a reset button. Erase all the past useless, cluttering crap, take whatever improvements you’ve developed, and move on to something new, possibly upgraded. And that’s what I’m doing.

I’m not expecting this year to be perfect. I just hope there’s less tragedy and a little more fun this time around.

Happy new year! And a happy new decade, too. :)


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